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Zivara's Women of the Month-June 2018 - Dr. Malavika Iyer

Posted on June 21 2018

Zivara Fashion- Women of the month- Dr. Malavika Iyer

Malavika Iyer- Inner strength personified

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”- Proverb
"Why me? How could this happen to me?", Are these sentences bombinating you?
Just sit back and read this inspirational blog on this unflinching women!
Yes! Malavika Iyer will be that featured woman of this month on Zivara!!
To those who want to know why Malavika and what’s so special about her, here are the answers!
Malavika Iyer is a Bomb blast survivor which took place at Bikaner, Rajasthan at her juvenile stages! Her limbs were cruelly amputated after that monstrous incident. She clearly remembers how the scattered bomb pieces that lay in her own little bedroom had caught fire and shatter not only her tiny fingers and legs but also her mom’s little princess’s dreams!
As expected, the incident had left this little woman with hypoesthesia and pseudo limbs.
But this little girl decided to fight back and there I could see her womanhood! (Let me not write the blog further representing her as a little woman anymore, for her womanhood had bloomed when she stood back to battle back her life.)
Malavika’s determination and guts had achieved her a state rank with centum in maths and science. It is notable that she attended her exams privately from the hospital beds. She was highly appreciated and now her first success was born.
Malavika realized that this success was just a beginning and begin to achieve more in her career.
At a TED talk at IIM Kozhikode, she sits like a lioness and speaks like a poet. She emphasizes that “ The only disability is a bad attitude”. Can any genuine individual disagree with this?
Her speeches inspire any normal individual to start and gear up for life. She speaks on her difficulties in carrying out everyday chores like stair climbing but proves that it was only in the case of a staircase and not her achievements. She won the proud NARI SHAKTHI PURASKAR for women empowerment in the year 2018.

Here is another reason that we loved featuring Malavika Iyer for the month!
She proves to be a fashionista with a unique taste and her choice of fashion is highly remarkable. She carries herself like any model would do and her inner confidence adds some sugar toppings to her beauty!

She is also one of the top influencers on Instagram and indeed one in many lives too. Her beauty speaks beyond her pictures and stands perfect for the proverb ” Actions speaks louder than words”.

What I have described is just the butter on the bread. There are lot more ingredients to her tasty sandwich profile.

P.S While I write this blog, I could hardly control my happy tears for this wonderful damsel!

Zivara wishes that, may this woman add more feathers to her golden cap.!

We hope women hood stays strong from heart, soul and attitude. This would be the real beauty that will be admired for ages. Women like Malavika give your broken soul a sense of relief and energize the thoughts leading to mountain-like achievements!

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