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Kids jewellery- Imitation and artificial Indian jewellery for young girls

Dont girls of our home deserve the best indian jewellery when it comes to functions.

So we just heard you!

Zivara is the first brand to fabricate beautiful jewellery for the little angels at our place.

We encourage your queries and customisations on our whatsapp +917904637312

Frequently asked questions 

1. What about the size guide?

0 - 24 months

                   10.5 - 12 inches

2 - 4 years

                    12 - 13 inches

5 - 10 years

                    13 - 15 inches

Tweens/Young Adults

                   16 - 17 inches

 2. How to measure the necklace length?

Take a string and drape around the neck. Straighten it and measure on a ruler.

3. Do you customise length?

Yes , of course possible through whatsapp or Instagram texts

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