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Glittering GOLD

Our exclusive GOLD jewellery with AD stones


Sizziling SILVER

Our exclusive SILVER jewellery with AD stones



Our exclusive ROSEGOLD jewellery with AD stones


Our Exclusive Kemp Collection

Kemp jewellery has been in trend for over 20 years. It is a simple yet beautiful jewellery form indeed. Our love for designing sparked an idea to juggle contemporary and traditional fashion. So, we have curated some of these inspired and self planned designs.The unique names given to the jewellery are basically to honour the beautiful women who requested on the designs and got it exclusively curated for them.

We customise the size , length and the pearl colours or even curate a new design based on the customers choice. When u place an order, our team is excited to gather the raw materials and minute spares needed to curate the design. Next step, our trained jewellery makers curate them with utmost care and accuracy! The secret of the beautiful jewellery lies behind the expertise of the team !

The final beauties are dried and let to set. And finally , they are quality checked and handed over to the packaging team. Be it a bridesmaid piece or a full bridal set our heart is all put into making them.

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