Zivara has met a lot of customers who have given genuine concerns.

We have considered a few of them and listed a few benefits which can be availed.

1. Part by part payment

We understand your love for our collection but you are running short of money this month. Dont worry! We got your back! you can pay 50% of the amount and block the piece for a period of 30 days maximum. The balance can be paid in a second part within 30 days. The product will not be interchanged in the span and once booked it will not be cancelled or refunded or exchanged. The product will be shipped once the full settlement is done. This ensures installment payment of your favourite products. This feature can be availed only through whatsapp!

2. Pay only advance for your customisations

Zivara is famous for its team of artisans who customise the kemp designs based on the preferences and asthetics of the customer. We understand your concern of the outcome. In that case, we will accept 50% of the amount as the advance and get the design done for you. We will accept minor and genuine changes if any (limited changes). Once the design is approved and you are happy of the outcome,the balance can be paid and the product will be shipped! I know , you are smiling right now!

3. Bridal customisations

Are you a person who wants only fresh designs and nothing from the kemp jewellery available in the website? You have now met the right person to get your kemp jewellery customisation.

We will allocate a special executive to you who will suggest you certain possible customisations based on your preferences. Please contact us on whatsapp with your wedding or engament invitation copy forwarded to us.

Whatsapp: +91-7904637312

Direct link: https://wa.me/message/S573KYOW7ZD7L1