Questions or things to clarify about ZIVARA

Our brand runs with the biggest support system - customers. We aim at providing the best support to each and every one who genuinely want to make a valid purchase. While online shopping try avoiding these activities which may help the seller serve you better otherwise .


1.How do we trust you?                   

Trusting is the choice of customers. No genuine brand will force trust. Please read our google reviews before ordering with us. Had we cheated, we wouldnt have been a brand today with 10000 customers. Also we provide timely customer support over whatsapp. Tracking is updated promptly! We are MSME registered brand and a prompt GST tax payer

2. Is cash in delivery available ?This is a big NO. We accept only prepaid order

3. What about the quality of your product?
For us, each product is a baby in our store! We make them with utmost care! One need not worry about the product quality. And tell me honestly can anybody call their babies bad? Or has any vendor answered you that the product is of low quality. Come on! Nobody intends to sell a cheap quality product at ZIVARA

4. Asking why we are selling at different less prices compared to other stores ?

Its your right to compare the prices of different brands! Each one has their own business models and pricing! Please don’t criticise any brand with comparisons. Make an informed decision and let the brand not know about your comparisons.

5. Complaining about one brand to another

Every brand is unique and has its own business plans! Let’s discuss only ZIVARA with the ZIVARIANS

6. Forcing the seller for discount when he will not be able to do it

7. Kindly Use terms like please, can you, etc. The one handling your queries is a human aswell! He has all rights to claim and expect kindness and respect from the customer.

8.Ensure you are contacting only the right website from where u ordered. Please ensure that u have ordered with our site only before asking about the order status
9. Please dont make phone calls unnecessarily until there is an emergency. Personal commitments do exist and calling is not a good option anytime! Leave a text and kindly wait for us to reply