Top and lastest bridal jewellery ideas for rental

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When we asked our brides what was the most difficult and tiring job for them, unanimous answer was the costume selection. We really know how confusing and difficult it is to make the best choice for your jewellery because its your d-day and that you want to look the best. 

Also, with the supervaganza happening on the wedding planning , when you want to cut down on the budget, renting the jewellery for the occasion is a good option

" Common , I love these beautiful piece of jewellery but i may barely use it any other time after my shaadi! So better i rent. ", says Anupama one of our brides who rented the jewellery for her d-day recently.

Here, we have come up with some options and inspirations for your choicest bridal jewellery

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Things available for rentals
  •  Nethichutti
  •  Hipbelt
  •  Vanky
  •  Haaram
  •  Middle chain
  • Necklace
  • Choker
  • Jadabillai
  • Sun moon
  • Rakodi
  • Kunjalam
  • Andal kondai



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